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Easy Refund Advances

Tax Pros offers Easy Advances from $500 to $6,000 during the months of January and February. Simply bring your W-2 forms, photo ID, and all of your tax information to Tax Pros between January 3rd and February 28. The Easy Advance is applied for when we file your taxes, and approved advances are usually available the same day you apply - often in just minutes!

Experienced tax return preparation
When you visit Tax Pros, you'll get personalized attention from our experienced tax return preparers who will help you find the tax credits and deductions you deserve. We have been doing taxes for over 20 years, so no matter what your occupation is, Tax Pros knows the latest tax law changes and how they impact your personal situation. We guarantee you'll get the maximum refund you have coming.

Audit protection and identity theft restoration
Tax Pros has partnered with Protection Plus to make professional audit protection and tax identity theft restoration services available to our clients. Protection Plus works with the IRS to help get denied credits like Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit funded. And for victims of tax fraud, they assist in completing all required paperwork to get tax returns successfully filed. Let us know if you are interested!

Fair and honest pricing
Tax Pros has some of the lowest charges for tax preparation in the Lubbock area. Our price for tax preparation starts at just $60, and we provide free electronic filing (IRS e-file) and audit protection to our clients when we prepare their tax return. Fees can be paid at the time of preparation or conveniently deducted from your refund. The choice is yours. When you visit Tax Pros, our preparers will explain all of the tax refund and filing options available and the charges for each option. There are never any hidden fees or unexpected charges. There is no pressure and there are no surprises.

Tax Pros provides year-round tax assistance

Prior Year Taxes -
We can prepare and file any previous year returns that you may have pending.

Amended Returns - If you received another document after your taxes were filed, we can help you amend your tax return. This may result in an extra refund to you.

IRS Correspondence - We will help you with any federal or state correspondence you receive and will work with you to resolve any problems or inquiries that they may have.

Accuracy Guaranteed - If Tax Pros makes an error on your return, we'll refund your tax preparation fee and pay any resulting accuracy related penalties. And if you are audited, we will help you by explaining the IRS notice and the requested documentation you should provide to the IRS.

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Tax Pros Income Tax, Lubbock Texas